Mechatronic failure


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. So i bought a 2010 VW GTI last week. The previous owner forgot to change the chain when he had the car and it messed up the pistons so he had to change the pistons and rings about 2 months ago(before i buy the car). The car was perfectly fine during all week just sometimes it was giving me hard time to start and it seemed to be like a battery problem because when i jump it, the car starts right away. So, yesterday the transmission just went crazy out of nowhere and was giving strong kicks when shifting and than just don't want to shit gears anymore. My mechanic said that the mechtronic have failed and that i also have a leak under the passenger seat where there is a lot of wiring. Moreover, he said that my battery is good however, something is causing it to drain after it recharges. He didn't look into that yet. So do you guys think i should replace the mechatronic part which costs around $1,200 or just buy a whole used transmission which is cheaper? Also, do you guys think that the leak caused the issue with the mechatronic ? and do you guys think the mechanic who changed the chain and pistons has anything to do with the leak because the previous owner said that he started smelling something bad inside the car (probably caused by the leak because the carpet under the passenger seat was wet) after he changed the pistons and the chain?