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Messing around with an endoscope and ruined my day...


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So I purchased a $20 amazon endoscope and was just messing around with it trying to check around my engine (mainly looking to see if I could catch a glimpse of how bad the carbon build up is on my valves). My car is a 2011 GTI w/ 118k miles. Anyways, I stuck the endoscope down where the air intake goes into the turbo and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Sure looks like a crack to me! But I would just like verification. From the research I’ve done it seems a lot of cases the turbo cracked on the hot side. This is definitely on the intake side. What would cause this?



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I was thinking the same thing but if you look at the first pic and zoom in you can see a space between the “crack”. I’ll try taking a clearer pic and post it.
If it is a crack would it be possible to replace the housing without competently removing the turbo?


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Just casting man. Look at this IHI I torn apart. This is looking up from where the air would meet the compressor wheel.