MK6 GTI driving footage!


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Damn, JJ... you're fast.

I was just going to post this up.

God I want one. In blue!


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Very nice, sounds like they made it louder this time around.

One small thing that I'm freaking out over is the lack of xenons. I hope this isn't going to be optional... Is it?:(


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Must admit i did not notice that car did not have them till you said.
Just remember that germany always has a real basic spec level compared to other countrys they not into there gadgets as much or if they are they like to customise there car more to there own spec. This maybe a basic europeen spec.
I hope in the UK they make them standard this time around asthey were not on the mk5 GTI and at the prices they are talking about selling the mk6 GTI at they better be standard!