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MK6: New DRL HID - VCDS Programming Failing


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Hoping someone smarter can help me figure out why I am running into this issue. I replaced my MK6 HID (w/ DRL) with the same factory headlight from VW.

When I turn the car on, the headlights adjust up, but do not adjust side to side like they normally did. There is an upside down lightbulb with exclamation mark that pops up on my dash after the car is on for about 30 seconds.

I'm following the below instructions, but run into the attached error when adjusting the basic settings in step 6.

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Step 4: Connect VAG-COM and go into the Xenon Range controller

Seems like an important step, no? Once you have the cable connected and VCDS opened, you’ll see the screen below. Click the [SELECT] button in the “Select Control Module” section.

Now in the next screen, click [55-Xenon Range]

You’ll now be prompted with the following screen. Sections of it are noted with numbers as they will be referenced below.

This is either because you have a faulty ballast (different issue entirely, but will require these steps after replacement), or your adaptation/adjustment as not been set.

Referencing annotated area #1 in the screen above, you will likely see the following fault. This means you need to continue onward and reset your adaptation/basic settings!

Step 5: Reset to Factory Adaptation

To start, click on the [Adaptation – 10] button in the “Advanced Functions” section (see annotated area #2 in the Xenon Range screen as shown in step 4). You will now see this screen:

Note: on my B7, channel 00 was not labeled in the drop-down. I only found it after reading through a different guide [LINK] and seeing that once read it changed the fields above it to the the below screen. Your car may be different!

To reset, type in 00 into the Channel Number box, and click [READ]. This loads the factory defaults:

Click [Save] to apply the reset. A popup box will ask you if you're sure. YES YOU ARE.

Note for above image:
1: This is just a visual showing you what VCDS is doing. For other functions, it will likely have more info, but since we’re resetting to factory defaults, the Stored Value is irrelevant. The New Value will be replacing it
2: Clicking [Yes] will apply this new value, and thus reset all Xenon Range settings to their factory defaults. YOU WANT THIS.

You have now reset your headlight coding and adaptation to their factory defaults.

Step 6: Setting Adjustment via Basic Settings

We now need to go into the Basic Settings to essentially let the computer "learn" where its new home position is. Click on [Basic Settings – 04] (see annotated area #3 in the Xenon Range screen as shown in step 4). You will now see this screen:

Note: When I took this screenshot, the [Go!] button was not enabled, but it should be when you do it! If not, just switch channels, going back to channel 01.

When you are ready, click [Go!]. This will begin the Basic Settings process.

The output of the boxes to the right will change as follows. When you see what is shown below, wait 20 seconds before continuing.

Now we’re ready to move on. Click [On/Off/Next] to continue to the learning state. Those output boxes mentioned previously will change again. You will now see them saying "ADJUST" and/or “LEARNING” (or something of that effect). Unfortunately I missed the screenshot on this one, but you’ll have to trust me – it’ll do this! Just reference Step 4 from PART 1 for how to manually adjust.

At this point, this is when you fine tune your adjustments. Go to your headlights and adjust as you need to. VCDS will wait.

**NOTE**: If you’re in a position like me where you had not set adjustment, even though they were adjusted how you wanted them, you don’t actually NEED to adjust them to do anything. You simply need to wait 20-30 seconds at the LEARNING state for the module to learn their position.

Again click [On/Off/Next]. The output boxes will again change, but this time for the better! They should now look as such:

This now means you’ve successfully set adjustment! YAY!

A quick check of your Xenon Range fault codes (annotated area #1 in the main Xenon Range screen shown in Step 4) will show your success: