MK6 R New South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Vibration Under Low Torque / Heavy Load


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Hi all,

I just got a new South Bend stage 2 endurance clutch put in and on the drive home noticed a vibration in the rear on the highway when I gave a bit more power in 6th while under 3k rpm. After trying to replicate it I found that it vibrates under heavy load when it is under torqued. So if I shift up too early, or give it more power without downshifting I get a vibration between 2k and 3k rpms in 4th, 5th and 6th gears. Under heavy load, like if I am in 6th when I should be in fourth it shakes like crazy, so it is not a heatshield knocking or anything like that.

I took it to the mechanic that put the clutch in, and he specializes in afermarket, tuning, etc., he could not figure out what it is after a couple of hours. I am taking the car back so I can leave it for a few days so he can dig in, but it does not seem like a clutch issue, but more likely a transfer case issue, even though they did not disassemble it or anything.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any ideas of what it could be?

I definitely did not have this issue before, and I noticed it right after picking the car up. the vibrations are heavy so its not something knocking or a loose bolt bouncing around (probably). It feels like the problem is in the torque going to the rear wheels, that is where the vibration is coming from, but it does not seem like something is out of balance because it occurs only under heavy load.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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