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MK6 vs The Cops with IE


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Alright, fine, so I didn't race the cops. But I have gotten, um, more than the average amount of speeding tickets people get since I've had my GTI.

I've never thought of my car as being particularly quick, but since going with IE stage 2, it hangs in there with most (reasonable) people I run. My brother has an IE s2 mk5 GTI that's 95% as quick as mine, so I'll include cars he's run against in the list, because he's a little more competitive than I am;)

-2019 STI (started rolling in 1st, stayed ahead until about halfway through 3rd. It was during a cruise, so my intake temps were up. I really need an intercooler lol)
-N55 335i (2 people in the GTI vs just 1 in the BMW, it was neck and neck from a 40 roll)
-E39 540i Manual (50 roll, mk5 pulled ahead and I started to pass him from behind lol)
-Focus ST with a BOV, exhaust, and a Cobb AP (Beat him from a dig and 40 roll multiple times. His buddies thought it was hilarious)
-Stage 2 FoST (mk5 was close from a dig, put down the gap from a roll)
-Tuned 550i (not even close. those turbo'ed BMW V8s are monsters)
-random WRXs here and there, those cars are not fast, just loud.
-some guy on a bicycle (he got me off the line, but I put a few bus lengths between us within seconds)
-COBB GTI DSG (he had the COBB sticker and a loud exhaust. he kept trying to catch up when I'd slow down)
-BRZ with a "blow me" sticker, which means he wants you to think he has a turbo and hopefully distract you from noticing it's just a BRZ
-~2009 IS 350 (the guy wouldn't pull for more than 3 or 4 seconds because I'd finally get traction and start creepin in)
-C250 4matic (made me wish I had AWD off the line. the guy was similar to the IS 350)

Just don't ask about the Subarus I've tried to race from a dig in the rain. It's just not fair.

Also, FWIW, when I only had IE stage 1, I matched dead-on with a Unitronic Stage 2 Mk5 GTI, even though they claim big HP numbers. Just goes to show that numbers aren't everything. Except price. I definitely had the advantage here (I spent ~$230 less on the tune alone).

Shoutout to the guys at Integrated Engineering for making fantastic tunes. Their shop is about 30 minutes north of me, so I go up there occasionally. Super nice guys.

Oh, and I've also heard that GTIs do much better than highway patrol Hemi Chargers in canyons.


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Nice list, i was previous stg2 with cobb/stratified then went to IE and im glad power felt more liner throughout the power band and felt quicker up top. Now i just got my k04 installed and upgraded to IE's k04 and im blown away! Pulls like a beast, granted im giving it a few heat cycles and trying not to go "full send".
now just gotta finish up my w/m install and send in my data logs