MK6R Whistle Noise


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Hello MK6 family,

I have recently been experiencing a whistle noise from my MK6R (see link below - not my video but its the exact same sound).

This whistle usually starts after a bit of spirited driving. This noise happens in ANY driving condition - rolling off throttle, slight throttle application, WOT and at any speed and usually lasts maybe up to 2 minutes.

Has anyone here come across this before? If so, what are the possible causes for this sort of whistle?

Thank you.


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Yeah sounds like your DV is whistling.


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The whistle noise I heard on Humble mechanics YouTube is a common occurance for the FSI and is usually a sign for a failed PVC. I would go ahead and order one from Deutschautoparts. I had an issue with a failed Low pressure fuel sensor ordered a cheap on that failed immediately then ordered one from that website and it solved my problem of fuel cutting immediately.


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I have a similar issue, but the whistle noise is noticeable while parked or under load throughout the revs.

I have the rev d DV and when I inspected it passed. This model didn’t have the membrane that is notorious for cracking and failing. Inspected all of my charge pipes, etc and I’m in the process of taking out the turbo to inspect. My issue is most likely wastegate related.

I didn’t change my DV as it sprung back to original position just fine when I inspected.