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Let’s say you want to know where to go to, online, to purchase parts and/or accessories for your MKVI; do you know where? Well, here’s a jumpstart that may help, which to my knowledge, was not provided until now :thumbsup:

This list includes OEM, reproduction/third-party, performance, brand-name, and other non-software materiel for your MKVI (non-eBay). It’s a convenient list of vendor websites (*alphabetical order; **this will be routinely updated with user feedback; ***vendors need not advertise here, caveat venditor; ****please don’t post user product reviews here):

034 Motorsport

42 Draft Designs

ACH Tuning

AP Tuned

APR Tuned (hardware)

AWE Tuning

BK Tuning

BKS Tuning"GOLF 6"

Black Forest Industries



CTS Turbo

DBC Performance

Deutsche Auto Parts

EEM Productions

ECS Tuning

Euro Enginuity Service and Performance

Eurojet Racing

Euro Sport Accessories, Inc.

EuroSport Tuning

Forge Motorsport

German Auto Parts MKVI

GMP Performance

HPA Motorsports

HS Tuning

Integrated Engineering

Keffer VW Parts

Klii Motor Werkes

KMD Tuning

Modded Euros

ModShack TTuned


New German Performance

North American Motorsports


Parts Haus

RAI Motorsport

Redline Motorworks

Rock Auto

Steve Petty Motorsports

Tire Rack

TWM Performance

Tyrol Sport



USP Motorsports

Volkswagen Racing

VR Speed Factory

VW Driver Gear

Volkswagen Parts 2GO

VW Parts Vortex

Enjoy, and shop responsibly!:cool:
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Ready to race! and should be considered, a lot of these sites listed do get their product from the same people selling on there for 1/3 to 1/4 the price!

Can their online store of applicable products for VW be sorted by year, by make, by model, and by engine?


Ready to race!
Don't see the point in requiring all that but you can search "golf 6" and it shows all relevant stuff.
Definitely need to add them.

Added. Entering "Golf 6" in the search produced a whole host of inexpensive products! Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:


Ready to race!