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I ordered a mechanical boost gauge for my gti mk6 but I'm looking for the piece that connects the boost line to the nipple coming off the intake manifold. Does anyone know where I can get this adapter piece?


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hi board im a newbie who has a 2013 VW GTI my plan is to have the DRLs run with the taillights,with my stock swtch it only works with my headlights on,but I would like to see if I can somehow keep the drls and taillights on when the switch is in the auto as I have a euro switch.
Will this work

OEM VW Auto Automatic Headlight Sensor and Controller Golf Jetta Passat EOS has anybody heard of this or tried this if so please talk to me,cause in theory if this item is supposed to turn the headlights on and off then the DRLs and taillights should still stay on.I have spyder headlights with the LED strip for my DRLs.Thank you dave


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Big store list, it's great thank you.


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I would add to this list.
While they carry a lot of other car parts as well, everything they do sell for the MK6 is the cheapest you will find anywhere. Believe me I have searched. They have free shipping over $100 and Low Price Guarantees. I have ordered twice from them now, top notch company and packaging. Shipping is fast too.

I am in no way affiliated with them, just appreciate places like this and want to spread the word!
share my experience with you.
why don't you go to pabbos to have a look? it mainly sells mk6 accesories. exhaust, bumper, hubcap, seat cover, stickers...ever since my friend tole me this, i have bought most accessories for my car there. low price and impressive design.


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I just creamed my pants from all of the links,

OP can have my girlfriend for the night.


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I just creamed my pants from all of the links,

OP can have my girlfriend for the night.
Whoa, whoa, whoa............whoa. Simple thanks is okay.

I need to update some of these links here soon.

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