Mobil 1 rebates on again


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I just ended up picking up 5w-40 LiquiMoly from ModdedEuros when I ordered some spacers. The 5qt is 40ish bucks which was cheaper than what I pay for Motul 5qt. Just hope it's as good as Motul has been.


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just fyi in case anyone was interested like I was the rebates reset every season for this qualification so you can do however many per household per season


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This is great because I drive over 100+ per day now for work.

Does anyone know if Advanced Auto Parts or Autozone is covered? It doesn't show on the list but I am surprised that it would not be covered.


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Do you guys know if the formula has changed since the LL-O1 (BMW) approval was removed?

No idea if or when the formula changed or didn't change. Maybe an oil has to pay BMW money to be approved?

My wife's MINI is supposed to use LL-01 oil. I continue to use Mobil 1 & her car has not exploded or imploded. For my use it is a good oil. Works for my GTI & her MINI. That being said if my car was under warranty I'd make sure to use what the maker wants. It meets VW 502 & used to meet the BMW spec. Both our cars are long out of warranty so I see no issue using it.