My 2.5 build


Ready to race!

My name is Bob and I was able to finally buy a car that I've been looking at for a little while now. 2013 Golf 2.5L, 5 speed of course with convenience and sunroof.

I am coming from a 2005 GTi that was all stock. So in reality I didn't see this 2.5 as a downgrade stock for stock. It really feels close as far as peppy ness goes.

I have already started to acquire some parts that will make this car my own. I'm excited to finally have a car from the very start! Just knowing that the only person that can mess it up is me, is a good feeling. I hate having to fix other people's projects.

My plans are to keep it clean and looking good. Here is the plan so far and what I have already got.

mods already acquired,

~deautokey LED kit
~APR Carbonio Intake
~ECS Tuning Jack Pad Kit
~Eurojet Catback Exhaust
~Depo LED Tails
~Airlift Performance V2

Future plans,

~Replica LED HID Headlights
~Set of wheels (not sure what I'm going with yet)

Pic for clicks. Sorry it's only an iPhone pic.

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Ready to race!
Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Thanks, I'm pretty excited myself.

always nice to see more 2.5 users. nice wheels :w00t:

I love the sound of the 2.5 with an exhaust. One of the reasons that swayed me :thumbsup:

The goals will become my winter wheels haha.


Ready to race!
If you need any photoshop work done just PM me and I can show you what something will do to the whip with good pics. Grats on the purchase.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind.

Little update on things,

Ordered up the Eurojet cat back. This will not be in until mid January though.

Pics of installed deautokey LEDs

Got my ECS jack pads. Will install these when its not that bad outside.

Also a pic of the APR Carbonio

And I pulled the trigger for some Depo LED Tails. I'm really excited for these.

I have spent way to much in the few weeks I've owned this car. It only has 450 miles on it and I've already got intake,exhaust,led tails,led interior,jack pads haha. :D

The only thing I've installed so far are the deautokey interior LED lights. All the other stuff will be at a later time. It's going to be fun to just throw everything on at once lol.
the problem i have is using the jack stands. i have to raise the car and put the jack stand on the pinch point, but its not possible to use a jack and then simply slide the stand under as the pinch is not wide enough for both. i wonder if this would solve the issue.

thanks for the link. kinda pricey but if needed, i might get it.


Ready to race!
I see what you're saying. These do set inward from the pinch welds. So you may have more room to put jack stands under the car with the jack also there.


Ready to race!
I installed the rear ECS jack pads. The fronts will go in later. I gave up because it was getting way to cold.

Also got my LED tails in. They fit nicely but I screwed up and a wire was pinched on the seal so the first wash the taillight got water in it. Fml. You live and learn.

I'm still on a waiting list for my Eurojet exhaust which sucks but at least it'll be warmer when I install it 4 weeks from now or whenever it's supposed to come in. Lol