Need help diagnosing DSG issue


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Ok, so a little back story to catch you up on the current situation. I have a 2012 DSG, k04 with revo stage 3 ecu and uni stage 2 tcu tunes. I normally rest my car for the winter and dive a truck since we get huge amounts of snow where I live. Unfortunately right before winter picked up here I discovered an issue with my truck's brakes. So the truck went to the garage as I was working 16 hour shifts every day and didn't have the time to work on it. It took the garage over 2 weeks to get to it due to the amount of ppl with cars in. In that time we got hit with a huge snow storm, like a foot of snow just while I was at work. Of course I got stuck on the way home. In an effort to get it unstuck I had the traction control off so I could actually build up some speed to push through. There was a lot of rocking back and forth between D and R, and a fair amount of keeping it floored at redline to push though. Eventually, I got a transmission overheated warning and it would no longer shift. After resting the car for 24 hours, It was working fine. But if I use it for more than a few minutes, it goes back to flashing D and a wrench on the display and will no longer shift. It seems to stay in first gear as I can still drive it, but it will not shift up and is reving high at 20 mph. Again, resting it for a while lets me drive normal, and it shifts fine for that short period.

It was about time for a fluid change anyway, so I swapped out the fluid and filter hoping that maybe I had just burned the fluid to the point it was too low and it was causing the issues. Drove the car for about 15 minutes, not very fast only up to 35 and there was no problem. But at the 16 minute mark, it went back to the previous behavior of not shifting and staying in 1st gear with a flashing wrench on the display. Here are the codes it was showing at that time:


Here is the code after resetting, driving fine for about 5 minutes, then having the same issue occur:

I had thought maybe I had smoked the clutch packs. But seeing as how it will reset and shift smoothly when it is cold for a while, I am starting to think that is unlikely. I am not sure if there would be different codes if it was a clutch pack, but all the research I have done points to this being a mechatronics issue. The trouble is, I am not sure how to tell if it is just the mechatronics unit, or if that got killed because the clutch or transmission is currently shredding itself and damaged the mechatronics unit. They are like $1500, so I would like to avoid spending that just to have it work for 2 weeks and then kill another one.

Any thoughts?