Need Help With DSG


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Hello everyone ,
So a while ago i had my mechatronic replaced because the transmission just stopped shifting gears. I got my car back and the transmission was working fine. After about 100 miles, I turn the car on put on D and boom there is a noise coming from DSG TRans. I put the car back on neutral the noise is gone, i put it on reverse the noise comes back. The noise sounded like something metallic making noise while spinning. When i drive the car the noise goes away and comes back before the car shifts or downshifts with kicks sometimes when I try to pull off from a complete stop. The next day while on my way the mechanic the noise just disappeared and the trans was shifting normal again. Also, no check engine light came up. After diagnosing it the mechanic said that 90% it's the clutch and 10% it could be the pump inside the transmission and he suggested that i should replace the clutches. Anyone had a similar issue before ? any suggestions ? Do you guys know a good mechanic in the philadelphia area who can diagnose it ?