Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar 28mm hollow, Rear Subframe Spacer Plates


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Continuing to take the car back to stock. Willing to ship within continental US ONLY. Paypal or Venmo. Buyer pays actual shipping from 02035 zip code and any other fees if using Paypal.

Neuspeed 28 mm hollow rear sway bar #: SOLD
NEUSPEED RACE SERIES anti-roll bars give you the ultimate in handling with smooth mandrel bends, aerospace-quality steel, graphite impregnated urethane bushings, hardware and sub-frame support brackets. Recommended for experienced drivers or track vehicles when using the original front anti-roll bar.

Sway Bar Rate:
- Forward Hole: 202% increase over stock GTI 21.7mm bar.
- Rearward Hole: 268% increase over stock GTI 21.7mm bar.
- 7 lbs vs 4 lbs stock. Additional 3 lbs for the brackets.

VW Subframe Spacer Plates, Mfg Part# 7M3499349A, ECS Part# 2102460 $15 ($27 shipped new)
The subframe knock issue is common amongst the Golf and Jetta MKV and the Passat B6. If you have taken your vehicle to the dealership but they have not been able to solve the problem, here is your solution.

These bolts and spacers replace the stock bolts that connect your subframe. Over time, the stock bolts stretch and allow slop in the front subframe. Replacing your stock units with identical replacements will only delay the issue and it will reappear after the replacements stretch. Use these replacement bolts to tighten everything in the front end back up.
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Here's what's included. Also attached is a pic of the OEM rear sway bar (NOT INCLUDED) for comparison purposes only.


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