Neuspeed rse05


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Hey what's up guys! Just picked up new wheels so I'm selling my rse05s gunmetal not a scratch on them. Bought them a little over a year ago. They have continental DWs 225/45/17 9/32s tread left.
Asking 900 OBO. SOLD!

Also have a used SRE stage 3 pressure plate and Fourseasontuning in-house flywheel. Have about 15k on it and holds like a beast disc is free if you want it. But I would buy new one. 400 for both. Pressure plate alone was 650 and flywheel was 375.
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Will you pm me some pics of the wheels pretty interested. Also, did you check the tire depth with a tool or are you using the penny method to guesstimate tread depth? Oh and is that conti dw or dws you didn't put an apostrophe so just want to check lol.


Ready to race!
If I wasn't so in love with Rotary's Volk ZE40's :wub: I'd be all over these Neuspeed rse05's. Plus I don't have room for two sets of wheels. :(
I just sit here patiently scrolling through the MK6 forums waiting for Mr Knight to post those ZE40's for sale. :p