New Guy with a T-Red 2dr


Ready to race!
Hey everyone! The name is Paul and I live in Harrisburg, PA (ignore the NY plates).

Decided to join this site after reading through tons of tech threads and finding a lot of good info that wasn't found elsewhere *cough*vortex*cough*

But anyways, I picked up this 2011 2dr T-Red 6spd two months ago and have loved every second of it. So far the mods are only Carbonio intake, Autotech Insert, New South boost gauge, and Neuspeed Sport springs but it will be coming along over the next few months. Tomorrow its getting APR Stage 2 and a downpipe which should keep me occupied in the power department for a little while (until the clutch disc gives up the ghost)

Near future plans are a full stereo and coils.

Here are a few previous rides

Sold this two weeks ago... It was such a fun car

Had this last year but sold it go back to school.



Ready to race!
nice car history!
have fun with your GTI:D
Haha thanks! Its definitely the most complete car I've owned thus far in terms of fun to drive, thoughtful features, and practicality. Its amazing how much stuff you can cram in these cars with the seats down. Two trips to IKEA and my apartment was furnished. The looks people gave me when they saw the pile of stuff that was going to fit in the car were priceless.

There is a dark side to my car history. Here are my humble beginnings :rolleyes: