NEW GUYS! If you get an unexpected CEL turn it off and check those codes immediately


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I know its probably in the FAQ and the official timing chain thread but I feel like newer member dont seem to get the memo on this and that sucks because it'll cost you 5k or more to not know.

If you get an unexpected CEL on startup turn it off IMMEDIATELY and check the codes. DO NOT TRY TO RESTART IT UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU DONT HAVE THE p0016 code. that code almost always means the ENGINE HAS JUMPED TIMING and if you get it, you may only get one chance to get it fixed before it blows your motor.

Once you get that code, many times it wont damage your engine until the next time you start it from what most folks have long as you turn it off and dont try to start it again and immediately tow it to the dealer . Youll still have to do the chain and tensioner which is like 1000 bucks but its not a new engine.

It just sucks to see this happening to folks who possibly couldve caught it in time. dammnit now that I posted this i'll probably be next lol.


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I just finished a complete timing system replacement on my GTI so I figured I'd share some of the resources I have bookmarked that were informational and helped me out.

Humble Mechanic How the TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Fails

Humble Mechanic How to check the Timing Chain Tensioner Revision
Note: It's also easy to pull the front passenger wheel, fender liner and turbo outlet pipe. Then you can get straight at the timing chain tensioner inspection plug. This may be easier for those working on jack stands.
2.0 TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Failure Analysis
Official Timing Chain Tensioner Failure Thread
DIY Timing Chain Tensioner Update - If you can't see the pictures download a Chrome/Firefox Photobucket extension.

And lastly, I'll plug my build thread since I recently did a big writeup with pictures, tips, and links on my full timing system replacement.

Good luck everyone!

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