New Owner and 2011 GTIs


Ready to race!
Hi All,

I am a new GTI owner - just purchased a 2010 GTI 4 door manual, candy white, black cloth, sunroof, bluetooth, and the dynaudio package. I absolutly love this car - I traded a BMW 325 (w/ sport package, 2004) in. I actually owned a 1995 White GTI (my first car) and this is ever bit as sweet.

While I was at the dealer, a number of 2011s rolled in (literally) - assuming you can get your combo (in my case i held out for the 4 door, manual, white, sunroof) the 0% rocks vs. the same in an 2011 for much more (finance of course). Anyway, glad to be here - very excited about the new sled - will be doing the ecu flash after the break-in!