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Perhaps not much of a mystery, punctured the gas tank I think.

NJ Driver Dies in Car Fire in Snowbank


Police say the vehicle was engulfed in flames within seconds. (YouTube)

(NEWSER) – A New Jersey driver stuck in a snowbank burned to death after he refused to stop revving the engine, police and firefighters in Little Ferry say. Police say the driver, a 62-year-old local man, got stuck in the snow Wednesday morning after jumping a parking divider, the Daily Voice reports. Police Chief James Walters says police officers called to the scene by a city worker found the man repeatedly revving his engine. The officers banged on the window to tell the man that he wouldn't be able to drive out of the snowbank and a tow truck was on the way, but he "totally ignored them" and "wouldn't let off the gas," Walters says. The chief says soon afterward, the officers saw flames below the man's Mazda CX-5, reports

One officer ran to fetch a fire extinguisher while the other tried to break a window to rescue the man, but by the time he managed to break a rear window, the interior of the vehicle was "fully engulfed in flames" and it was too late to save him, Walters says, per CNN. The driver, burned beyond recognition, was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is underway. "It’s odd why it caught fire the way it did," Walters says. "We don’t know right now whether it’s suspicious or not. But it happened so fast. That’s strange." (Read more New Jersey stories.)


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Really hard to puncture a fuel tank, especially that is an SUV with some additional ground clearance. I mean, did he jump a divider or a plant potter. lol

They should have stuck a banana up his tailpipe. Or something, that would have shut him down.

In all seriousness, there is way more to this story. Regardless of him ignoring the officers, no one in their right state of mind sits inside a car that's on fire and burns to death. Even if he was just stupid revving the engine, once it caught fire there's some other reason he sat in it and refused to move.


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Is it possible he buried the doors in the snow and couldn’t get out. Panic sets in and doesn’t think to head out the back. Or maybe wasn’t physically capable.


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The doors were locked that's why the cops had to break the window.

He just overheated it until it caught on fire. He had been revving the engine and rocking the car back and forth trying to back up the snowy embankment.

When the cops first arrived they knocked on the door and told this dude to stop revving the engine and wait for a tow. They go to use the radio and this dude just keeps revving the fuck out of the car til something caught fire. Old dude was almost certainly overcome by the smoke first and likely mentally ill to begin with in some capacity.

He would have lived if he just sat in the car idling the engine until the tow arrived.


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Wild, something similar happened about a mile from me. A guy supposedly revved the shit out of his engine in the Oreilly parking lot until it caught fire and tried to lock himself inside. I think they did get the guy out of there.