No boost, no codes.


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Hello everyone,

I own a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition 2.0 TSI with a 6 speed manual. I'm having boost problems, car is not boosting whatsoever, and we already did the following tests:

-Changed DV
-Changed N75 valve
-Checked the Boost Pressure Sensor (MAP)
-Did a pressure test (car is just fine)
-Did a smoke test (Also fine)
-Wastegate is under tolerance (therefore is not leaking)

Everything started when I got the car, the car was boosting just fine, only problem it was leaking boost from the exhaust manifold gasket, replaced that manifold, the car never boosted again. You can't even hear the turbo. What should it be?

I would be more than thankful if y'all help me. Car have been sitting for 9 months because of this goddamn issue.


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Did you replace the manifold and turbine housing, or just the gasket? If you replaced the manifold, did you verify that the turbo spins freely in it?