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What are you trying to accomplish with VCDS that OB11 can’t/won’t do?

I have an abs, steering, and esc light on

I have an OBD11 but it does not look like I will be able to correct these faults with it. I need someone who knows what they’re doing with VCDS


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If ODB11 can do what you want I can meet you in Northern DE sometime next week.


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I've heard obd11 can reset the light, I replaced seatbelts so had to drive around with em disconnected, like when you pull a seat out and drive. Give me a price and approximate location?

Which way would you be coming? Down through Philly or over the DE memorial bridge?

Have you tried just disconnecting the battery?

Patrick O

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I am looking for some help with coding in Nassau County, NY. I recently had my left headlight go out on my MK6 Golf R with Xenons. The bulb looked good so I replaced the ballast and the light now works (lots of fun taking the bumper off to change the ballast). However, I have many error codes that I don't know how to fix. Codes include left headlight power output stage not coded, right power output stage not coded, control module not coded, headlights were not adjusted, and the AFS failure message appears on every start-up. Is anyone on LI available to help? I will travel and of course pay for your time.