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hey whatsup guys.

I'm currently new to the forum and JUST finished making this my first post, so Im not sure if this topic has been spoken about (searched but didnt find).

my question is.. i own a '11 mk6 gti and sadly, it came with Halogen headlights since vw took away the standard HID headlights and decided to make it an option (a pricey one too). I know someone that owns a 2010 mk6 that has the OEM HID Headlights in his car. He's selling the entire OEM HID Headlights... I'm really interested in this sale, but i need to know if there are any issues with doing this or if its a just a simple swap :iono:

PS .. i know that the auto adjust feature in the headlight wont work since they come stock with sensors to help it adjust the HID headlight or so it was said by my VW dealership mechanic. but thats all he was able to tell me... to no surprise really :paddle:



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i was regret that i didnt get the 2010 gti with that option, and it only cost me 720 bucks, but i have to wait for few months, so i didnt get it,
so how much did they sell it for, and i think you will need to do some coding stuff with vagcom, install it should be not hard, since the size should be almost the same as the 2011 model. if the price is good, let me know if they still have one, i love to buy it.


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i dont know how much yet.. havent spoken to him. its a straight swap so if i purchase it there wont be anymore to buy from this guy but if i dont buy them ill let you know his price and contact number.

but vag com? why a vag com for a direct oem connector? the only issue i can see is the connectors or the pins. headlights are the same thing so fitment isnt an issue @ all.. same exact car, different options/standards on them like bluetooth, NV, xenon/halogen, etc.

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I also regret not getting the OEM XENON head lights.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not believe it is just a "simple install" from what my dealer has told me. Again, I'm not 100% sure, correct me if I'm wrong. :(


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The lights just drop in. You'll need a new highline CECM ( $400 ) if you don't have one that supports xenons. You'll need to vcds your car to be sure. You'll need some 14 pin adapters ( $60 ) for the headlights and need to wire those to the cecm for the high beam shutters for bixenon. The autoleveling and AFS is optional, it'll cost another $400 to get the kit from kufatec that includes the sensors and control module. You have to tear the entire car apart to do the wiring.

try this The right side is english.


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ahhh ok so then what im getting from this is that its NOT just a simple install or plug 'n' play so to speak.. damn.

okay then im assuming doing just a HID aftermarket kit would be the cheapest option as oppose to spending 2-3K.. granted it wont look as crisp and clear like the oem would but oh well... maybe when i can afford to spend that much on just the lights.

i would much rather spend it on wheels, suspension, or exhaust for that amount lol =/