OEM Headlight & Tail Light Brand


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Hey everyone, I need some help. I am having issues with a body shop and I'm starting to suspect some foul play. Can anyone provide details on how to verify the authenticity of all the exterior lights?

I bought this car about a month ago and specifically recall saying "Yep, hella lights, that the OE brand so I know this is all original" because I'm OCD AF. Anyway, I went over a curb, Killed the oil pan and need LIGHT body work on the front bumper. Now all of a sudden, all my front lights are POS off brand (still working AFS) and I don't see Hella stamped anywhere.
Can anyone show me a photo of this marking so I know I'm not going insane? Also any advice on how to deal with this...

HELP, My baby only has 27,000 miles and should be all original parts!