OEM White LB9A touch up paint pens


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A few years ago, I purchased a set of Candy White LB9A touch up pens from an Ebay seller but the clear coat never flowed properly. As a result, the paint has grayed and I'm having difficulty finding the paint again. Does anyone have suggestions how to resolve the graying or know where I can get it for a reasonable amount? Most of the sources are charging nearly $30 for them, which is obscene for such a small amount.



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I have an entire unopened 2oz bottle of LB9A that Ill sell you if your interested. I bought it and then some lady totaled the car, and the paint was delivered the following day ha. So yeah I dot really have much of a use for it anymore. Its the good paint too, from Automotive Touchups, not the cheap ebay shit. Let me know, would rather see if go to someone that can use it