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used UNIBRACE UB chassis brace - fits over exhaust tunnel
No longer have the MK6 GTI and have no use any longer
great well engineered product for reducing chassis flex in turns, at the track, spirited driving, etc.

*Constructed from super strong waterjet cut, CNC bent .25″ (7mm) 6061 heat treated aluminum with high temperature automotive powdercoat finish
*7lb (~ 3Kg)
*Compliments the UNIbrace XB for the ultimate chassis stiffening solution for these platforms. (see other ad)
bolts right up, no modifications needed

(mostly) RED :p
$250 -- currently looking for local OC/LA/IE , not looking to ship

for reference:

also compatable with:
MkV and MkVI VW Golf, GTI, .:R32, MkVI, Golf R, Scirocco, Scirocco R, Jetta/Bora, Variant, Tiguan, Audi A3/S3 (3/5 door model)
on the Golf R this product is not compatible with the CTS turbo back, SPM down pipe, HPA Quadpack, 42DD downpipe (with V-Band clamps), and APR RSC turbo back exhausts. For APR RSC turbo back see UNIbrace UB xlr.
Volkswagen MK4
Volkswagen MK5
Volkswagen MK6
Audi A3
Audi S3


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Hello! Looking for a stock CCTA downpipe to pass visual smog inspection!

CA is CBFA, CCTA is the 49 state legal version.


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Correct but I brought a car from a used dealer that bought it from someone in AZ? Didn't know that it wasn't smog legal with the current high flow DP.


Sounds good, just wanted to be sure you didn't get hung up.

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Few things for sale.

- Thule Aeroblade Bars (47” to minimize that goofy overhang you see on the 52” setups)
- Thule Rapid Traverse Feet (480R)
- Thule fit kit for Mk6 and Mk5

$300 for the entire setup

I’d really prefer to not sell it in parts because it took a lot of testing and research to eventually find out that the 47” bars not only fit our cars but in fact look 10x better than the recommended 52” bars. The 47” bars should have been the recommended length for our cars since it fits perfect and has minimal overhang. This set up looks like this rack set was specifically designed for our cars vs looking put of place and poor fitting.

All that rambling in hopes someone will take it as a set so it’s not broken up BUT I’m willing to sell them separately if there are buyers.

Please text me if interested because I don’t check the forums anymore. Do not message me here if you want the rack.




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For Sale

- Blue Tinted, aspherical side mirror glass upgrade

They sell for $130 on ECS but you can have them for:


**Text only please. I work crazy hours**

There are luxuries the euro people enjoy that we don’t get on our US spec cars. The blue tinted aspherical mirror glass is one of them.
I was going to swap them to upgrade the glass, as so many have done, but they sat and now I’m going to be selling the car.


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2013 A3 Premium Plus
S line, DSG, Opensky, cold weather package.
Ibis white/black interior
91,000 miles.

Unitronic Stage 1 tune
Eurosport catback exhaust
Neuspeed sport springs paired with Koni Yellow adjustables
Unibrace UB
H&R rear swaybar
18x8.5 VMR V810 flow formed wheels in gunmetal

Timing chain was replaced at around 85k miles. Stock suspension and catback available.

Located in Los Angeles, CA

Asking $10,500



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Hey everyone! I’m slowly returning the ride back to mechanically stock. Up for grabs right now is a Neuspeed catback coupled to an APR downpipe. I’m letting this go for a steal - gimme your old exhaust and toss it on my ride and toss me like $200 and we’ll call it even. I just had surgery so I’m not gonna be able to work on any of this myself, so this will be a steal for someone that’s in the market for the whole thing. Hit me up here via message.
Here’s some pics and stuff for your pleasure. The tone is nice, it’s not full of vibration and it’s easy on the ears but rips when you get into it.


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Few parts laying in the garage.

BC Racing BR Coilovers 30k miles SOLD
OEM Halogen Headlights SOLD
BSH stage 2 intake pipe cut to fit Neuspeed Fplo intake [$100]
42DD 5mm Spacer 5x112 [$30]
H&R 5mm Spacer 5x112 & 5x100 [$30]
3mm Spacer 5x112 & 5x100 [$20]

Prefer pick up in Bay Area. Might ship if we can work out a deal.


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Just bought a used Mk6 Golf R.

Looking for a 47" rack specifically and any other used or new parts for sale. Looking for air intake: p flo, coilovers: b14 (pss10), radio head unit (aftermarket, apple carplay), rear and front headlights (black cherry), blue caliper set (rear & front) & extra set of rims (can be beat up and scuffed, will be using them for drifting/donuts).
Located in the Bay Area (Northern Cali). Shoot me a text at 626-642-8991 with info of what you are selling, thanks.