Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread


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I sold my turboback exhaust a couple years ago.. been back on stock for awhile

WTB aftermarket catback exhaust from anyone in the Bay Area that's got one laying around they may want to exchange for some cash - let me know what you got


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Few items laying around:

1. Koni Str.t (orange) shocks/struts for MK6/A3 (8P) - $100 obo
2. OEM rear swaybar - $60
3. OEM Audi A3 catback (8P) - $100
4. OEM Audi A3 springs (8P) - $100

Pickup in Los Angeles


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Hey guys, had to part out. Selling the best combo ever, Billy Boat Downpipe and Magnaflow Exhaust, if anyone is interested - Socal. Pics Here


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Turbosmart Kompact EM VR1 DV $170
Power flex street LCA anti lift kit $100 ( does have scratches on the bottom due to being lowered and occasionally making contact with the road/bump, doesn’t affect anything and poly brushing are in good shape no cracks or signs or breaking)
Also, just a feeler I may pull my Water meth kit which includes devilsown pump, 3L tank, low level sensor, do3/do6 nozzles, and their dvc-30 controller, prometh 157cc and 252cc nozzle, URST dual nozzle kit which includes throttle body spacer, compression fittings and snow performance solenoid and extra 1/4 tubing. All for $500.