Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread


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Did you end up getting rid of the downpipe or do you still have it? Won't let me PM you.
Let me check with a member who inquired and I will reply here. You have to have so many posts before you can message I think.

I have sent him a text message. Hope to hear soon.

Sorry, downpipe is taken.
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Looking to trade my candy white gti bumper for a golf or TDI bumper
It’s not perfect. Has 10 years of rock chips, and has scrapes on the lower corners. Left over double sided tape from a diy lip.

As long as the golf/TDI bumper is white and Generally in decent condition, I’m down for a straight trade

If you have a golf you’ll need a gti washer fluid bottle to run the passenger side fog light.

Still have the 1552’s for sale as well. I’ll trade the 1552’s for 18” 5x100 wheels or for oem golf r headlights with all the ballasts and wiring/kunfatec adapter etc



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Does anyone have a stock CBFA downpipe? Also looking for stock GTI wheels in decent condition.