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Please do not post FS/FT/WTB/WTT Threads on regional forums, as they will be removed or deleted if double post. This is an attempt to keep the forum as organized as possible.

Please use this thread for all for sale, for trade, want to buy, want to trade related posts.

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Do not forget to include the price of the item you are selling. This is not ebay, no need for bidding games

Please only create ONE thread for any item for sale, and only put the thread in the Classifieds forum, or one of it's sub-forums, depending on what you're selling. Please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions regarding this matter.

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If any user wants to present a GB, please contact the source who is willing to offer the deal, and have them approach us. If that company is not a forum sponsor, we won't give green light to the group buy.

In the past, with good intentions we let a lot of personal advertising, group buys slide by, so as of this evening, those who advertise without forum sponsorship will be given infractions and the threads will be deleted. Any other location, including but not limited to signatures, titles, avatars, etc. that contain advertising will be deleted.

We have many forum sponsors here helping us, it would be unfair to them the opposite way.

Please contact JJ-R32 or Gulfer if you wish to become a forum sponsor

Any concerns knock on our doors.


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WTB: OEM GTI front lip.

List and pn in Canadian is below.
5K0-807-110-GRU : $177
5K0-807-110-A-9B9 : $177

USA retailers all want to ship with UPS which isn't a good deal for me because of the brokerage fees.

No longer needed. Purchased from Donvalley VW. Onsale at 15% off.
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WTB: 2010 GTI Stock Shifter Knob 6speed!

for all of you who bought the golf ball shifter knob,

if you want to sell your stock one let me know!



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Looking for trunk liner and cargo net for 2010 GTI. PM me with your price, new is ideal, but will consider good used condition. thanks!


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GTI Shift Knob

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I have a set of 18 x 7.5 Detroit wheels off my 2010 GTI for sale and will post some pics once I take them.

- 5 x 112 bolt pattern
- Comes with tires (Dunlop SP Sport 01 A/S)
- Only about 500 km's on these, so basically brand new
- Comes with bolts and plastic caps
- No curbage or marks whatsoever
- Looking for $900 obo, local sales preferred


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FS: 9W3 Bluetooth Unit

I have a complete 9W3 Bluetooth unit with the OEM Skoda bracket and carpet cover. I would like $250

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I would love to buy a MKVI GTI shift lever if anyone is looking to sell one. If you have the goods then pm me and we can talk about the price.

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