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FS: TID Add-On High Performance DSG Carbon Paddle Shifter $250

I took it out of packaging to check them out, and see how they'll fit the car. They seem to fit snug, but after some thought, I decided not to install them.

For anyone that wants them, send me a pm I am considering reasonable offers.
Pickup in the Donmills/yorkmills area.


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Hi guys, looking to check interest in a full Cayenne BBK, with a total of 6 (SIX) calipers for your front AND rear axles.

This kit has everything included in it except for the rotors. After much deliberation, I decided not to go through with the Cayenne kit because I'd have to invest another $2000 or so into a set of winter wheels that would fit over the rotors, and the track pads are darned expensive for it. The kit is pretty much refinished already, and ready to be installed on the car.

Looking to recover what I have invested, so asking for 1600 dollars + shipping if you're not local. I'm letting the Canadians have a shot at it first.

The kit includes:

2 - front Cayenne six-piston calipers (18ZL/ZR from an Audi Q7 refinished in red)
2 - rear Cayenne four-piston calipers (also from a Q7)
2 - Dodge Viper parking brake calipers (also refinished in red)
1 - bolt kit to allow the fitting of front calipers to our mounting points
1 - set of brackets to mount rear calipers (both Dodge Viper and Cayenne) to rear axle
1 - set of bolts to fit the rear calipers onto the brackets
4 - USP Motorsports custom lines to attach the calipers to the car.
1 - set of front AND rear brake pads, TRW-branded.
2 - caliper hardware rebuild kits. New spring clips and pins for both front and rear calipers.
1 - set of hubrings to center the rotors on our hubs.

What you will need to source are front and rear rotors (front is GL450 rotors, 350mmx32mm; rear is E55 AMG or CL63AMG 330mmx26mm). After that, the kit is ready to go on the car!

Let me know if you're interested! Pictures will be up soon. :)


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Im looking for 17" wheels to use on my GTI in the winter. If you have anything please PM me.


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Another guy looking for 17" wheels (prefer Denvers or Classix) in Vancouver. Need to be in good shape. Thanks.

Edit: I'll consider 18" Huffs as well.
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FS OEM Roof Rack

I have an OEM Roof Rack for sale. will fit 4 door not sure about 2 door

great condition

small crack on 2 of the plastic caps that cover the channel(?). bought it like that

Tried it but didnt like the look



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1 Detroit Rim

Looking for one Detroit for my Mk6 GTI... My wife curbed the hell out of the front right one.

PM me!



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This may be a bit premature but I thought I would post this in case anyone is interested and this thread doesn't seem to get much traffic.

My car is coming in 10 - 14 days or so and I am most likely going to pull the stock tires (225/40R18) off. I am not sure if they are the Dunlops or Pirellis yet but if anyone is at all interested, let me know. I would probably sell them for $540 CAD shipped for the set, or $290 shipped per pair, or $160 shipped singly. I would prefer to make sure all four are sold however before splitting them up. They would have under 50 kilometres on them.

Edit: Sold :thumbsup:
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WTB: aftermarket exhaust for mk6 GTI =)


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WTB: aftermarket exhaust for mk6 GTI =)

Unlikely for you to find a used aftermarket exhaust on GolfMk6 just yet. Try Vortex, I think there is someone clearing out BillyBoat exhausts for the Mk6 - full turboback.

Depends on how loud you want to go, too. ;)


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FT/FS: 18" BBS CH-R (black with machined lip) replicas. These wheels are actually of very good quality and it is veryyyy hard to tell that they are replicas (unless you own a real set of CH-R's, then you would be able to see the minor differences in the lips design).. The wheels are 100% MINT condition and have the stock Dunlop tires on them with probably 60-70% tread left. PM me with offers/trades! If you would like pictures pm me your email and I will get them to you ASAP! Paid $900 new (without tires) and I have only had them for 3 months... Looking for $900 OBO ... I am looking for 18' MK6 Huffs with rubber or Karthorms (black with rubber)


vw wheels 001.jpg

vw wheels 002.jpg

vw wheels 003.jpg

vw wheels 004.jpg

vw wheels 005.jpg

vw wheels 006.jpg

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FS - BSH True Seal Race Intake for Mk6 GTI

This is the full system that goes one piece all the way to the turbo FOR THE MK6 GTI. I have had it approximately 5 months. I bought it new directly from BSH. Filter has slight kink in the mesh but is perfectly fine, clean too.

$175 Canadian. Can meet anywhere within 1/2 hour from downtown Vancouver.


Miles - PM if interested
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FS: FK Silverline Coilover

FS: FK Silverline Coilover

Had these on since Vagkraft this year, they were on Max's (CrazyRabbit) car previously, which were put on prior to the previous Vagkraft.

Condition of the coils are great as far as I can see when they were installed. The ride is quiet, I'll even admit to that! =P The FK dampens pretty well, no hard thuds, but I prefer something stiffer. These are the non-adjustable dampening version of the Silverline (like the KW v1).

I'm currently about 1-2 finger gaps, no where close to the bottom of the threads - Max's car was slammed. So this coil is great for those looked for the slammed / tuck look - me, not so much.

Coils are still on the car, so if you purchase, allow me a little time to arrange for them to be taken off.

SOLD Pending complete transaction.

Located in Mississauga.

Coils are currently on a MKV GTI, stainless steel construction, just Google FK Silverline for more info. :) I'm posting it up for sale here as well since I've been told they'll fit the MKVI. I'm more frequent on and iDub.

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