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Official CANDY WHITE GOLF/GTI Thread...


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Don't know whether or not my car belongs on this thread anymore :p

It's now a blueberry compliments of (highly recommend)



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Since i still have my 6 i decided to clean both cars up and take some shots yesterday :)
Maybe this means i have ~650 whp gtis... combined?

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I think the Nurburgring has days where it’s treated like a public toll road where anyone can just drive up, pay, and do a lap in whatever they’re driving.
They do yes, just find it insane that people choose to do it without a helmet.

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Fresh after a gtechniq iron decon, dawn wash and clay bar, PC polish with menzerna compound, gyeon prep wipe down, and Kamikaze ISM coat. Also had deleted some door edge guards, and threw away the mud flaps...