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In this thread we will go into detail on what we have to offer for your application, answer questions, offer technical advice, and give you insights to upcoming products. Please feel free to look around and ask us any questions that you may have.

Integrated Engineering started several years ago engineering and manufacturing high quality engine parts for VAG applications. Today thousands of customers are hitting the track, drag strip, and street with our engine parts. Our engine internals range from forged connecting rods and intake manifolds to valve train components. However, as the company has grown our product offering has also expanded greatly. Integrated Engineering, based out of Salt lake City, Utah, now operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility with resources including a full CNC machine shop, Superflow engine development test cell, Dynapack Chassis Dyno, 3D prototyping capabilities, and our in-house engineering team.
In the future you will see several complete performance packages coming to market that combine our well known hardware with IE stock ECU software. These will typically be in the form of our PowerPacks and turbo kits. In addition to complete packages we have also developed new products such as FDS Intercoolers, high pressure fuel pumps, and even chassis components. In our new product lines you can expect to see the same level of attention to detail and quality as many have you have come to expect from our engine parts.

IE offers a broad range of performance solutions to reach your power goals with ultimate quality and reliability. From simple bolt-ons to crazy track prepped super car slaying monster, we have the parts to complete your build. Listed below is a quick link overview of currently available IE products.

Recommended for OE - Stage 1 software and above
-IE FDS performance intercooler
-IE Stage 1 Performance Software
-IE PowerLINK V2 Direct Port Tuning Cable

Recommended for Stage 2 software and above
-IE Stage 2 Software
-IE Stage 2 PRO Software
-IE High Pressure Fuel Pump

Recommended for IE Stage 2 IM PRO software and above
-IE Stage 2 IM PRO Software
-IE 2.0T Performance Intake Manifold

Recommended for IE450T Twin-Scroll Big Turbo Kit
-IE450T MK6 Golf R Twin-Scroll Big Turbo Kit
-IE Cold Air Intake Kit For IE450T Turbo Kit
-IE 3" Stainless Steel High-Flow Cat Midpipe For IE450T Turbo Kit

Recommended for IE450T high-octane maps and race applications
-IE valve spring & titanium retainer kit
-IE H-beam aftermarket piston connecting rod set
-IE Tuscan I-beam aftermarket piston connecting rod set
-IE rod install kit (basic or ultimate)
-IE Sport Series assembled short block
-IE Sport Series assembled cylinder head
-IE adjustable camshaft gear
-IE press fit timing belt drive gear

Recommended for 500WHP+ setups and above
-IE CNC ported cylinder head (assembled or bare)
-IE crankshaft girdle kit (standard or ultimate)
-IE 4140 billet main caps (standard or tall boy)
-IE performance valve guides

Chassis components
-IE adjustable FES camber plates

Billet Accessories
-IE recirculating catch can kit
-IE billet valve cover (requires IE EVAP crossover relocation kit)
-IE PCV solution plate
-IE valve cover breather adapter
-IE block breather adapter
-IE billet boost tap
-IE Billet boost cap
-IE billet diverter valve housing
-IE water methanol throttle plate
-IE rear breather block-off plate
-IE rear breather adapter plate
-IE high pressure fuel pump block-off plate
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Below you will find expanded detail about all of the products listed above.


The Integrated Engineering 2.0T FSI/TSI/TFSI intake manifold was carefully designed to provide an effective power increase across the entire rpm range with no loss in low-end power or spool time, with the ability to be used on any turbo setup, including the stock turbo. We have incorporated several motorsport features into this intake manifold, making it outperform the factory unit, as well as other aftermarket manifolds available. Learn more...


The Integrated FDS intercooler system was built from the ground up to offer the ultimate in performance cooling for your vehicle. Our large 54% larger than the OEM intercooler core delivers cool air to the engine under all circumstances, increasing power and torque and simultaneously reducing heat soak. Our end tanks feature the FDS (flow distribution system), which is totally unique to our intercooler. By incorporating flow distribution channels into the inlet side end tank, air is evenly distributed from the top to bottom of the core, maximizing cooling efficiency. Other intercoolers on the market only allow natural airflow through the core, which is primarily on the bottom side near the inlet, making for poorly distributed cooling. In lab tests, temperatures across the IE FDS core were 65% more even than the nearest competitor. This proves more effective use of the core, resisting heat soak more so than any competitor and consistently delivering a cool charge. High quality American castings for the intercooler end tanks have perfect surface finish and absolutely none of the casting flaws commonly seen in import intercoolers which can destroy your engine. This attention to detail in the design process means that our intercooler is actually lighter than many import intercoolers, while simultaneously having a much larger core volume. These features provide an intercooler with perfect OE fitment and the utmost highest level of performance available today. Our engineers also went to great lengths to ensure quality and perfect fitment. The end tanks were carefully CAD designed and CFD flow optimized. All mounting bosses are fully machined to ensure a perfect fit. Even the inlet and outlet barb connections are completely machined, ensuring a leak free seal. Learn more...

IE FDS Intercooler Dyno graphs:

IE High Pressure Fuel Pump

The high pressure fuel pump is cam-driven providing over 1500psi to the direct injection fuel injectors in the FSI engine. More fuel is required to support the added horsepower from larger turbos, ECU tunes, and other power-increasing modifications. IE HPFP utilizes an increased bore size of the Nitride coated cylinder, coupled with our Nitride coated constant diameter piston resulting in 50% more displacement than the factory unit. This combination offers fueling for nearly 600hp at 7500rpm. This is a great reliable performance upgrade for those looking to do a big turbo setup, or even max out the factory turbo at higher boost levels. Learn more...

IE valve spring & titanium retainer kit

IE spring and retainer kits feature spring rates which are optimized to match your vehicle specifications and provide proper valve control even under high revving applications. Increasing your engines power output often comes with modifications that require more RPMs to get the most out of it, upgrading software and hardware components without changing out the valve springs can leave you with a short power band or cause valve float and other significant damage. Manufactured out of the best spring wire in the world IE valve springs use a patented multi stage shot peening process that further reduces failure rates. Our titanium retainers are machined with an excellent surface finish and tight tolerance control for a long lifespan. Learn more...

IE adjustable FES camber plates

Integrated Engineering camber plates ensure your tire's contact patch is flat on the pavement under hard cornering. This is essential to maximizing grip levels dialing in the required amount of negative camber (leaning the tire in) for your specific tire and suspension combination. To ensure optimum performance, care was also taken to achieve these gains without any detrimental effects to daily drivability. A heavy duty spherical bearing controls the top of the shock absorber, coupled with a heavy duty thrust needle bearing as well. This has been taken to another level by our Full Environmental Seal technology (FES), completely sealing this bearing from the elements, eliminating the spring popping and binding issues common with many camber plate designs. Learn more...

IE H-beam connecting rods (Designed for use with aftermarket piston sets, Mahle and JE designs available)

IE has remained the leading VW/Audi connecting rod manufacture with a history of high reliability on demanding power and strength requirements. This is accomplished through careful industry leading design practices, manufacturing, and strict quality control processes. For years our H beam rods have been the workhorse of our lineup providing excellent performance right out of the box. With very high reliability even in extreme applications our H beam design has remained the top choice in builds up to 700+ BHP, even found in four-cylinder cars into the 800+ BHP range. Extra attention has been paid to even the smallest details such as the bearing tangs, wrist pin fit, and big end side clearance. Each and every set is finish machined and honed in-house for perfectly round and on size big-end bores, resulting in the industries lowest failure rates. These H-beam connecting rods have perfectly matched small ends for use with aftermarket pistons on the 2.0T FSI engines. Learn more...

IE Tuscan I-beam connecting rods (Designed for use with aftermarket piston sets, Mahle and JE designs available)

IE's Tuscan I-beam connecting rods are the best rods available for your engine. Each individual engine application has been custom-crafted and optimized by our engineers. IE's own I-Beam design as been utilized for incredible bending and torsional stiffness. Additionally, an extensive iterative process lead to the unique Egg shape of our rod beams, which lowers stresses as much as 20% compared to less evolved designs. This shape very evenly distributes the high compressive loading from a turbocharged engine onto the connecting rod beam. We then validated this success with years of field testing, powering numerous 4 cylinder VW / Audi engines with over 1000 bhp! In addition to being tough, IE Tuscan rods are also designed to minimize unnecessary weight on the connecting rod for an ultra balanced weight to strength ratio. Learn more...

IE rod install kits

To make the installation of your new Integrated Engineering connecting rod set a simple task, we have put together these performance rod install kits. These kits include all necessary components needed for the removal and installation of the connecting rods. Available in a basic or ultimate kit.

IE Sport Series assembled short block

IE precision shortblock assemblies are the strong and reliable basis for your high performance engine build. Every short block option underwent countless hours of engineering and torture testing on our in-house dyno facilities to determine the best selection of parts and build specifications for the performance level. This extensive design and testing process ensures your new short block assembly will perform with the upmost reliability. Your Sport Series short block is completely inspected, machined, and meticulously assembled with IE Tuscan I beam connecting rods, Mahle 83mm bore 9:1 CR forged pistons, OEM main bolts, OEM thrust washers, and Mahle rod & main bearings. Learn more...

IE Sport Series assembled cylinder head

The Integrated Engineering Sport Series assembled cylinder heads are designed to make meeting your performance goals hassle free, more enjoyable and easily attainable. Complete with all machine work and assembled with new performance valvetrain, ready to increase horsepower as well as support higher RPM levels. We have designed these with factory drivability in mind, taking care to build them with the proper components to offer smooth, quiet operation and the longevity you would expect from a brand new engine. As power levels increase over the course of your project, you can count on your Sport Series engine components to function reliably for years. Learn more...

IE adjustable camshaft gear

Advancing or retarding your cam timing allows you to adjust your power band for peak power. IE cam gears are precision CNC-machined from solid 6061 aluminum, and feature a real one-piece male keyway for an exact OE fit with no concern of failure. The cam gear outer rings are machined to OE specifications for a perfect mesh with your timing belt, featuring a hard anodized finish for minimal wear. The threads are roll-form for solid engagement, then stuffed with high quality stainless ARP bolts to lock it all together. Finally, a flawless layer of bright dip anodizing is laser-etched so you always know exactly where your cams are positioned. Learn more...

IE press fit timing belt drive gear

Eliminate the weak design of the factory drive gear keyway once-and-for-all with the IE billet replacement. The factory gears are notorious for breaking keyways and crank bolts coming loose with aftermarket performance upgrades, causing timing belt failure. IE press fit gears have completely redesigned the factory interface, removing the weak factory gear and loose-fitting keyway, replacing it with a precision machined and zinc plated solid steel gear with a press-fit interface. Learn more...

IE CNC ported cylinder head

IE Race Engines has developed the highest flowing, best performing CNC ported cylinder head design available. Featuring ports developed in partnership by a 30 year porting veteran who has worked for NASCAR, OE performance development models, and worked with a vast array of professional racing projects. Each port is the product of hundreds of flow bench pulls. Variables such as port shape, valve guide length and shape, valve shape, valve job angles, and many more are all checked and rechecked, until the final port design is manufactured to exacting details among all ports on a 5 axis CNC machine. Each head also receives IE's own complex LiftMAX valve job. This valve job optimizes flow in low valve lift conditions seen in these applications. Heads are checked for material integrity, soda blasted, ported, and assembled with new IE racing valve guides, making for a complete performance package. Available bare or assembled.

IE crankshaft girdle kit

Under high RPM and power use your block can begin to flex, causing severe main bearing wear or even a broken crank. Reinforcing the block is a necessity for these extreme applications. This girdle kit uses a 3/8” steel plate sandwiched between the block and oil pan using supplied ARP hardware to reinforce the block and prevent flexing under high power use. This kit includes all lengthened hardware needed to install the girdle plate. This kit will remove the factory balance shaft/oil pump assembly, and replace it with a chain driven oil pump. Available in a basic kit using OE main caps and spacers, or ultimate kit utilizing IE "tall boy" main caps.

IE billet 4140 main caps

Your factory main caps were designed to handle only the power output and RPM level of a stock engine. On high horsepower applications, OE cast main caps can stretch and become distorted causing serious damage to main bearings or crankshaft. IE billet main caps eliminate the chance of main cap failure using 4140 in house machined steel main caps. Available as direct OE replacements or "Tall Boy" main caps for use with girdle plates. (Requires machine work to install)

IE performance valve guides

Integrated Engineering valve Guides are the performance option for replacing factory guides for new valves. Our valve guides are made from a specialized alloy on our in house CNC lathe with ultra high concentricity for exact valve placement and precise dimensions. Using a proprietary bronze alloy results in faster heat dissipation where thermal conductivity is increased by 10% and extends valve life, guide life, and cylinder head component life. For added performance, these valve guides have been designed with an aerodynamic tip designed to cut down on airflow restrictions in the valve port. Learn more...
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The IE Stage 1 MK6 Golf R performance flash delivers an aggressive power upgrade without having to install any hardware modifications, keeping all OE systems installed. With plenty of additional power now available instantaneously, the vehicle will be much more enjoyable to drive with a massive boost in performance. With no additional supporting modifications, power output is increased to 345ft/lbs and 290WHP on 91/93 octane. Learn more...

IE Stage 2 MK6 Golf R performance flashes are designed for customers looking to maximize the performance of the factory engine internals and turbochargers. IE Stage 2 software fine tunes the ECU calibration to match installed aftermarket hardware. Stage 2 results deliver massive power gains across the powerband, fully realizing the engines potential. With required supporting modifications, power output is increased to 397ft/lbs and 316WHP on 91/93 octane. Learn more...

IE Stage 2 Pro MK6 Golf R performance software incorporates the same power gains seen in the IE Stage 2 performance tune (397ft/lbs and 316WHP), but further builds on the performance aspects by including the motorsport functions of launch control and no-lift shift. These features are built into the software tune and offer neck-breaking launches and lightning fast shifting with no loss of boost between gears. This provides a large advantage over similar powered vehicles. Launch control and no-lift shift is available for North American manual transmission vehicles only. Learn more...

IE has become a leader in high-performance intake manifold designs for VW/Audi engines. The IE Stage 2 IM PRO performance tune has been engineered to take advantage of the advanced IE 2.0T intake manifold flow characteristics with very finely tuned ECU calibrations to deliver record breaking performance gains on the factory engine internals and turbocharger. This perfect marriage of software and hardware increases power output to 422ft/lbs and 334WHP on 91/93 octane. Furthermore, the IE Stage 2 IM Pro file also includes the motorsport features of launch control and no-lift shift. Launch control and no-lift shift is available for North American manual transmission vehicles only. Learn More...

For the highest levels of Stage 2 and Stage 2 IM power output, we offer additional octane files adapted for use with 100 octane race fuel. The 100 octane allows our engineers more aggressive tuning of the ECU maps providing larger gains on the same hardware. The 100 octane file is available as an add-on to the 91/93 file and is easily flashed onto the ECU with the IE PowerLINK V2 direct port flash cable. This option is highly recommended for customers who want to street drive their car, as well as take it to track events. Learn more...

IE PowerLINK V2 \Direct Port Flash Cable

The Integrated Engineering PowerLINK V2 direct port tuning cable allows easy ECU programming from the comfort of your garage. This OBD plug-in device is easy to use with and Windows powered laptop to read and write files from your ECU. With the ability to flash multiple files, you can easily recalibrate the ECU for different octane settings or boost levels (for example, switching between 100 octane or 93 octane files). The PowerLINK V2 cable is also capable of reading and clearing diagnostic codes as well as allowing the car to be flashed back to stock with the stock file that it pulls from the ECU on the first read. IE PowerLINK V2 tuning cable is available at a discount rate of 74.99 if purchased with an IE software file, originally 149.99. Learn more...
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IE recirculating catch can kit

Everything you need to upgrade the PCV system on engine is included with this kit, with a very simple installation that takes less than an hour to install on average. This kit allows the use of the factory engine cover if desired, and the entire install is completely reversible if it ever needs to be removed for any reason. Learn more...

IE billet valve cover

IE billet valve covers start off as one large piece of 6061 aircraft aluminum, and are precisely machined on an in-house CNC mill. They are a direct replacement for your factory valve cover, and use the OEM gasket. They have a single -10an outlet for a custom breather setup. To ensure that no oil comes out of the breather, these have welded baffles that are guaranteed to not fail. In place of a factory oil cap, these use a billet aluminum cap with an o ring for a tight seal. Learn more... (Requires IE EVAP crossover relocation kit and custom catch can kit to install)

IE PCV solution plate

The factory pressure-relief valves are in place to recirculate crankcase gases into the intake manifold, over time they can beg into leak, a faulty valve can cause boost leaks, creates an oily mess, rough idle, fuel economy decline, and power loss. IE's billet solution includes everything needed to completely remove the pressure-relief valve and replaces it with a billet aluminum plate. This allows the factory breather system to function properly, while eliminating the failure-prone relief valve. Learn more...

IE valve cover breather adapter

Similar to the PCV solution plate, the IE valve cover breather adapter replaces the failure prone OE factory PCV valve with a billet plate, however this solution has the addition of two -10AN breather outlets allowing for the installation of a catch can to provide further reliability by catching oil mist and PCV build-up. Learn more...

IE block breather adapter

When installing a catch can, adapting the factory breather hose is not possible without many ugly fittings and a ton of work. We manufacture these block breather adapters in-house providing a direct fitting replacement with a male -10AN outlet. This fitting clips to the factory plastic oil filter housing with use of the included metal clip and o ring for a leak-free seal. Learn more...

IE billet boost tap

Installing a boost gauge or just need a vacuum source? Our boost taps will make this a breeze. They are offered in black or red anodize and included all necessary hardware, including a OEM retaining clip. Learn more...

IE billet boost cap

This boost cap is for use in applications when the OEM PCV system has been removed. It can also be used as a boost signal. This system ships with both a boost cap or tap depending on your needs, along with a new o-ring and retaining clip. Available in IE Red or black anodize finish. Learn more...

IE billet diverter valve housing

We are proud to offer the highest flowing diverter valve housing on the market for the 2.0T engines. These housings are used when installing a big turbo, or when simply doing the "S3" style relocation. The added flow of our housing is obtained by use of a 1.5" inlet with a built in bellmouth. Your factory electronic valve will bolt into our housing in any orientation needed. Learn more...

IE water methanol throttle plate

Make installation of your water meth kit a simple job. This plate gets sandwiched between the throttle body and intake manifold, allowing you to run a 1/8" NPT nozzle right after the throttle body. Manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and finished with a bright black anodize. Kit includes all necessary extended hardware, and gasket for quick installation. Learn more...

IE rear breather block-off plate

This block-off plate is used when removing the rear breather from the factory turbo inlet. This is typically done when installing a billet valve cover and/or a custom catch can setup and the factory line from the valve cover is removed. Learn more...

IE rear breather -10AN adapter plate

This -10an breather adapter plate is used when removing the rear breather from the factory turbo and replacing it with -10AN male threads, typically used in recirculating catch can setups. Learn more...

IE high pressure fuel pump block-off plate

When exceeding the limits of the stock high pressure fuel pump system on very high horsepower builds, some may require custom setup manifold port injection. We have manufactured this block off plate to take care of the hole left from removing the HPFP. These are a direct fit, with an O-ring seal to ensure a leak free connection. Learn more...
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We want to formally congratulate James Castellano and CSP for setting another VW record by going 8.92 at 172 MPH! Check out the IE blog for more photos and info on this impressive car utilizing Integrated Engineering engine parts.



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Here is a small video put together about some of the development behind our 2.0T MK5/MK6/Golf R FDS performance intercoolers. Also, some lovely sound from our IE450T turbo kit development Golf R driving the local canyons.

See more HERE.


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Here is a photo of the IE Golf R development car running our IE450T turbo kit taken last week in Vegas. We took the car on a 4 day, 2100 mile round trip through desert, mountain, sea level, and a variety of weather conditions. The demanding travel log was designed to test the reliability and performance of the hardware and software in any condition. The IE 450T big turbo kit effortlessly passed the test and put a huge smile on the face of anyone behind the wheel. We have a lot more from this trip to show you soon!


Ready to race!

Here is a photo of the IE Golf R development car running our IE450T turbo kit taken last week in Vegas. We took the car on a 4 day, 2100 mile round trip through desert, mountain, sea level, and a variety of weather conditions. The demanding travel log was designed to test the reliability and performance of the hardware and software in any condition. The IE 450T big turbo kit effortlessly passed the test and put a huge smile on the face of anyone behind the wheel. We have a lot more from this trip to show you soon!
Wish I knew u were out in Vegas, would have shot up for another ride! I can't wait to get this kit!!!


Ready to race!
Wish I knew u were out in Vegas, would have shot up for another ride! I can't wait to get this kit!!!
We were there for a very short amount of time, came in late on a Thursday night in time to grab some footage and photos on the strip, then spent a good amount of time to demo the cars to a couple IE dealers Friday morning before heading out to California. Next time you find yourself in SLC, stop in for another ride.