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FS 18" Detroit Wheels no TPMS $450


$150 each

Willing to drive an hour to meet up or ship, if the drive is over an hour I am willing to work something out
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Do I get a prize for being the first post in here?


You get me saying... i assume there are no tires?


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haha fair enough, correct no tires, wheels and center caps

Updated price $450 for the set


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what kind of condition are they in? pics?


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Looking to sell a brand new pair of monster mats for a friend. 90 shipped or 80 picked up.


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Used H&R Super Sport Springs - $110 picked up; $130 shipped (SOLD!)

Brand New Rokkor Coilovers - $350 picked up; $370 shipped (SOLD!)

Items can be picked up within Queens/Long Island, NY.
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tsw silverstone wheels staggered 18x8.5 18x9.5 pm if interested ill send pics ... they have brand new tires im looking for 1100 obo
FS: Long Island Pickup/Meet half way

AWE Cat Back Exhaust

Used 1000 miles. Realigning my mod plan. One of the clamps is brand new direct from AWE. Snapped one realigning and when I went back to the stock cat back I didn't feel like throwing it back on. Getting old I guess :(



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