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Official South Florida Chat Thread


Ready to race!
Somebody here from Dub Cartel Club?
How's their wednesday meetings? :iono:
I've been going to the Dub Cartel meets for a few months now. Meets are pretty cool but I suggest getting there between 8:30-9 because we usually go inside of Sports Grill to eat around 9-9:30 and people that show up will get bored quick as there's not many people outside to talk to. You can't be shy when coming to these meets. Nobody is going to surround your car as you pull in and say "hey man, nice ride" (unless you have some dope ass sh*t lol). I try and talk to as many people as I can while there as well as talk sh*t on the Facebook group page they have. All of the people i've met are very nice and are always willing to help you out with whatever "VW" problems you may have. If you haven't made it out to a meet yet, you should check it out. But like I said, you can't be shy. You'll get bored lol. Hope to meet more mk6 peeps.


Ready to race!
Down for some rolling shots. Let's do it.

Getting stage 1 (apr & carbonio) Saturday at USP. Can't wait. :thumbup: