Official Timing Chain Tensioner failure thread


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I figured that, looks like the spring/metal peice that goes into grooves prevented catastrophic engine damage. I measured my timing marks on the camshafts and it’s within spec. I can only assume the aftermarket vaico tensioner failed somehow.

Ahh, so the "new" tensioner was not an OEM part...Good to know.

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Yeah, i didn't even realize it when i bought a few years back from WorldPac.

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Changed out the timing chain, guides, and tensioner. The car runs very well. This is the most complex and difficult DIY job I've done to date. I highly recommend that anyone who does this job purchase the camshaft locking tools (they are $20 on amazon) without the cam lock tools the job would've been very difficult as the camshaft wants to jump when you put tension on the chain causing the chain to jump a tooth. Also i highly recommend purchasing a strong sealant for the timing cover. I originally purchase peramtex ultra black but didn't want to risk an oil leak so i ended up purchasing a grey sealant from my local Mercedes dealership.