Official Vancouver/BC Chat Thread


Ready to race!
Fast Track is in Richmond. They're right behind my office actually. I see McLarens and Astons all the time outside.

If you want a personal recommendation, I go to a place in Richmond called Auto Body One. Owner is a friend of my dad...they've done good work for us over the years. They're ICBC approved. If you want to check them out, PM me and I'll tell them you're coming.


Ready to race!
Got my stage 1 from RPI today, noticed a difference immediately.

They did it in 30-45 min.


Ready to race!
Another recommendation for Fast Track Auto. Great guys to deal with, and quality work.


Ready to race!
Hey fellow dubbers! Just thought to say goodbye as today will be my last day as a very proud owner of a 2012 GTI CSG 6spd. It was great to have met some of you fellow GTI owners.
Allas, I will be upgrading....picking up my Golf R tomorrow.
Sadly it's not a 3 door like my beloved GTI.....wish it was. But...I'm sure the added hp will more than fill in the void. :D
See you all at the next meet whether GTI or Golf R.



The Fixer
I made a tool by grinding a couple flats to a 21mm socket. Something to consider.


Ready to race!
Just got myself some LED taillights finally! :)

Was told that in order to fix the light error on the MFI, I'd need someone with VAGCOM. Would anyone have that to help me out here?

OEM or replica?