Oil consumption vs oil conditioners


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Hey does anyone have any experience using any conditioners to stop oil burning?
I have a 2012 GTI that I bought with 121k and now it's got 127k, so far I've had to fill it up with 4 quarts of oil... 4 quarts in 6 thousand miles! I replaced the PCV cause I'm doing a clutch/ RMS soon and I think that will increase the life of the RMS, but it still burns oil. Any advice on how to slow down my oil consumption without rebuilding the motor? I've been looking into rebuilding the turbo with new seals but I couldnt find any KO3 rebuild kits... at WOT my friend says he can smell the oil
I dont wanna be like one of those hondas that disappears in a puff of blue smoke


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4 quarts in 6k miles is still considered "acceptable". I think 1qt/1k miles is the "limit".

Those magic oil additives for reducing oil consumption are only band aids and can make things worse in the long run.

It needs a proper rebuild. How much does it cost to keep putting oil in it?

Those Honda's you see are people not taking care of issues or using mechanics in a can.


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There is no such thing as a rebuild in a can. You really need to find the cause of your oil burning. I'd have a leak down test done. Have you pulled the spark plugs & looked at their condition?



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I dont wanna be like one of those hondas that disappears in a puff of blue smoke
Than it's time for a rebuild.

The magic can additives like GolNat said are bandaids, they slow the issue they don't fix it. And in the long run they end up gumming up other parts of the system. Eventually you are looking at a complete rebuild and reman almost to clean every oil channel, new oil pump, screen, and lines and that includes gunking up the oil lines to and in the turbo......

So yeah......just don't. ;)