P0134 help


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Hey All,

On a CBFA engine, which of the 3 sensors would throw a P0134 code(bank 1 sensor 1)? The one just before the cat?. Some back story I put on a KO4 thus eliminated the 02 bung on the turbo now in the top of the downpipe an have the 2 downstream 1 before an one after the high flow cat.. Had got the P0420 code right away after I finished the install an got my tune loaded etc. Eliminated it with a spacer on the post cat sensor. Been driving 5k miles since no problem. The other day I got the P0134.. an cleared it, it came back. What are the odds the sensor is actually bad? Or just due to my aftermarket catted DP?..Or something else..


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Bank 1 sensor 1 is the far upstream, so the one before the cat. Chances are the sensor has actually failed, it's a fairly common issue.


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I just want to make sure I'm not confusing the 1 directly after the turbo upstream or the one mid stream pre cat?