P0172 Trouble shooting


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Over the past few months ever since I had installed a Forge Twintake system on my 09 GTI I keep getting a P0172 code, it shut itself off for like a month but recently has been coming back, just kind of at a loss for what it could be a this point. My mods are APR stage 1 ECU, Forge Twintake and a GFB DV+, Also my engine code is CBFA if that makes a difference.


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There are several possible causes for the code mentioned in that thread, you asked what it could be! Possibly a boost leak related to your DV+ install ?!?

Actually as the code P0172 indicates system running rich you most probably have a bad MAF sensor! or maybe the install of the twintake has caused a flow obstruction somehow,

Google brings up quite a bit of info related to this code.

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It has only seemed to an issue after the install of my forge twintake though, but I will check my diverter valve tommorow.


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Hi did you ever manage to get rid of the P0172 issues you were having? And how/what was the causes?