P0491 Secondary air injection system insufficient flow


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This code popped up after I installed a MAperformance short ram intake. there was no routing for the SAI, I'm actually waiting for them to get back to me with a response (they suck, I'm returning it due to poor customer service) but I was wondering if anyone knows if there are tunes out there that delete the SAI CEL issue with an intake installed? I have a COBB Accessport if that helps, running stock tune right now though. 2012 GTI 6 Spd 2dr.

Thank you in advance


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You messed up lol. Also a lot of people have no problem running CCTA intakes on CBFA you just put a breather filter on the end of the SAI hose. Did something on the SAI come loose or get damaged when you took out the factory box? It may have nothing to do with the intake at all. I'm not sure if there's a way to code it out.


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Lol yeah something went wrong during install.

No there is not a way that I was able to find when I looked before to disable a SAI code. There are block off plates but the code still remains.


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You got the wrong intake. CBFA engine needs a specific intake for that secondary air. It has to have a bung welded there to connect the hose to.


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The intakes are the same you just have to add a filter to the SAI intake. Well you don’t have too but you should. At least IE, Uni and a few others are the same.



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I did an engine harness on a CBFA years ago before I even cared about GTI's. It came back for SAI codes and I had knocked the hose loose somewhere down low beneath the box if I remember correctly. Or maybe I just forgot to reconnect it.