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p2015 Sensor


Drag Racing Champion
You're very likely covered under an extended warranty if you're under 120,000 miles. Take it to a dealer and have them check it out. These intake manifolds were faulty from the start.


Drag Race Newbie
i believe that the whole intake manifold needs replacing, cannot just do the sensor.

the code is consistent with failure of the part which is a known/common issue. the newer revisions of the part are supposed to be quite good.

protip: request that they do a carbon cleaning while they have the manifold off - if and when you need this done (it's inevitable) it will save you hundreds in labor costs.


The Fixer
There is a chance you could clean the internal manifold and sensors...I considered this. But for the time it takes, you should just swap it out. The plastic flap mechanism is known to break eventually. I bought some time with zip ties but honestly the latest revision is better. About $140 if you install yourself.