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The paint seems to be chipping off of the edge of my roof above the windshield. I have attached some images. There are a lot of small chips right on the edge, and two larger ones. They look bigger in the pics, but they are each about the size of a quarter.

Is this something I can repair myself? I was thinking about masking it off sanding it lightly, spraying it with primer, sanding again, spraying it with paint, and then spraying with clear-coat.

Thank you!


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The clear coat has been compromised there (chipped/peeling back/lifting/failing) it's not gonna hold up or turn out very well.
The whole roof would need to be done


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So I ended up scuff sanding it, spraying it, and then spraying it with clearcoat.

I got a little overspray from the clearcoat, and there is also a tape line. I put the tape about 4" back from the edge of the windshield.

I tried clay, but that didn't help. I hand-sanded it with a 3000 grit sanding pad, and then I used Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish on the Porter Cable DA polisher. That has mitigated the overspray and tape line a bit, but it is still there.

Here are my options:
1. Sand, compound, and polish, perhaps 2 or 3 more times.

2. Move the tape back to the edge of the moonroof, and put down another 1-2 coats of clearcoat.

What do you think?


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Watch some of this guys videos, this particular one is how to spray a whole panel but he does have one that applies to just what you are doing. Basically you would do what you did, with care to sand down any of the loose clear that you show in the pics. Then sand 8-10 in around the repair area with 3000 or so with the intent of over spraying the clear to feather it in. You don't tape off the area to spray. Tape off out of spray area.

Yes, you should be able to wet sand it all back down and re-spray clear without tape. Watch his video on blending.



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Here is one on blending base and clear coats



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^^ Gonna be trying this on my front bumper... hoping for the best but expecting a middle-of-the-road outcome... Ill be sure to post before and after pics(y)


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Looking forward to pics. Good luck sir. You can correct a LOT with wet sanding and polishing.