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Paint Issues?


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A few months ago I noticed paint was cracking/peeling on my rear bumper so I was getting around to getting it fixed but now I noticed paint seems to be peeling on the front bumper too. Not sure if this is crappy VW quality or maybe because the car is outside a lot? Any advice? I was thinking about sanding and painting the rear bumper myself.


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So many factors come into play with, where the car is stored, how well you clean it/maintain it, where you live, etc...that it's virtually impossible to attribute a main cause to it.


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I can't really zoom in those pics, but at a glance, it looks like more of a clear coat breakdown to me.
Unless you have some experience, leave correction to a professional. Hit up a reputable detailer, if they can't help they will point you in the right direction.

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What's your findings? We'll be working on a GTI soon right after we finished installing the brake kit and moto metal rims on the current truck project. The GTI also have the same issue as described by my uncle. He took a quick look last week, it is just a small part near the roof on the passenger side. Yours looks like a clear coat breakdown to me either.