Parasitical Draw on my MK6 GTI


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Hello everyone! For a while now, I have been having an issue with a constant battery drainage while my car is off. Because of this, I am constantly having to disconnect the battery at night to avoid jumpstarting the car every morning. I ran it with my scan tool and only two codes appear which are P068A00 and P056200. I find it wierd that this doesn’t trigger my check engine light. I took it to the dealership for inspection and they could not figure out the problem as well as they had to resort to an engineer, however, he is not able to fly over because of the Pandemic. Therefore, they recommended me to keep doing the same thing. It’s been a couple of a months now and at this point I just want fix my car because it’s getting really annoying.


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have you checked the actual current draw? what is it after 5 minutes? after 30 minutes?