Pcv question


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I got the latest about 15-20k miles ago...AC iirc

I would double check just to be sure. But if you're having a vacuum leak, try turning on the car with the MAF unplugged to see if that clears up your issue, if it does, then you probably do have a leak somewhere


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I posted this on another thread but I replaced the PCV valve a few weeks ago after searching out the cause of oil on the back passenger side of the engine. Several forums suggested a bad PCV could cause a blown gasket or other serious problems. After replacing the wheezing and hissing just about all went away and the car sounded much quieter under acceleration. The part cost $199 OTD and took less than 30 minutes to replace.


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funny as i just came from the thread with the guy from new zealand who had to replace his k04 on his R BECAUSE of the africa plate

That wasn't meant to antagonize. It's just funny when something supposed to be a solution

Can you link the thread? I'd like to read through it. I don't have a K04 but I do have the 034 catch can.

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That was a spulen catch can. There africa plate is different. This guy most definitely didnt empty his catch can as often as he should have because the mention of white smoke.


Ok, I pressure tested my IC last night, and there were no leaks, checked the plug gap which had opened slightly, so I put them back to .0025. There was a fair amount of oil that came out from the IC pipe after pressurizing it...oddly enough I've never had to add more than a half quart at most on the car with the friggen rotella, either way for an "air/oil separator" that thing does a shitty job.