Penny stocks


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anyone of you guys ever hear about these? is it a scam, one of my friends said he made a few grand off investing in several companies. anyone have any experience wit these


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yes... it's possible... yet, your friend may lose a few grand by investing penny stock as well!! Most of the time, you either win a lot or lose a lot. Playing penny stock is like gambling... it never needs any strategy or anything... unlike long-term investing or even short-term!!


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Yep. Done it before. Won hundreds, lost hundreds. The problem is, when you go to sell and nobody is there to buy at a price more than what you paid. That's why you see people all over the internet on forums going OMG BUY THIS STOCK BUY THIS STOCK. You know why right? Because they own probably a couple hundred or thousand of it, and they are trying to offload it to you. My suggestion is to go for it, and learn a lot from it. The thing you gotta do though, if it goes up at all, I mean at all, like 10% sell. I had one go up 100% one time and I was greedy and didn't sell. went down like 105% in a couple days. Pump and dump is the name of the game.