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Performance parts sale! K04, fmic, etc.


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For sale! Recently removed and all in good, functional condition. All prices are negotiable and do not include shipping or paypal fees.

Best to email or pm here, or text but it may be a delayed response depending on the time.
Ryan Honeycutt
rc.honeycutt @

K04 w/ CTS relocation kit- used for about 20k miles, silicone hoses have wear but no issues. 900$ obo
If the asking price is met ill include the cts turbo discharge pipe($229 new) and a spare new front mount adapter for the pipe.

CTS k04 turbo discharge pipe-100$ obo

Integrated Engineering intake, filter is slightly used. Small bit of rash on the back of the pipe from rubbing on something but not visible when installed- 200$ obo

ECS 2-Piece Front Rotors, about 3k miles of mostly light freeway use. Will include new ecs SS rear brake lines, I couldn't use them and no need now-275$ obo

Spulen throttle pipe-100$obo

Nuespeed FMIC with hoses,mounts and caps for stock intercooler, great condition with two small areas of bent fins in front, back is good. 450$ obo

Ultimate Racing 3in Catted downpipe with third 02 bung welded in for k04 cbfa and 3in to 2 1/2in rear adapter for stock rear exhaust- 200$obo

Im willing to ship everything if youre willing to pay for it!


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Everything but the brakes and k04 are sold. Let's get these moving, send offers and we can make a deal.


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So is the discharge pipe gone? What else would be needed to complete the k04? Sorry if newb questions


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No worries man, yes the discharge pipe is gone now. K04 kit itself is fully intact for install, just need an install kit that comes with new nuts for the downpipe and crush washers for the oil lines along with a few other bits, usually less than 30 bucks. I was gonna throw the discharge in for extra incentive to buy the turbo, but someone jumped on it first, stock discharge pipe will work with k04 though. Any other questions just let me know and I'd be happy to answer.