Pet/cargo barrier


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Anyone want a pet/cargo barrier for a MK6 Golf?

Don’t have the part # on hand right now, but it’s the official VW barrier. TUV rated and a slick unit.

Would be a pain to ship, but I could probably wrap it in cardboard and make it work. Would prefer local pickup/delivery somewhere around Calgary/Edmonton.

Think it was around $400 new and is still in great shape. You can have it free if local, or for shipping cost if I need to send it.

Pic from a few weeks ago.



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Okay, somebody must need this. Even if you don’t think you need it, I bet you do!

Keep your pet safe and your seats clean! And even if you don’t have a pet, it will keep your cargo from flying forward and smacking your head in an accident!

I still have this taking up space in the garage, and I hate throwing stuff out. It’s all packed up in cardboard ready for shipping. I’ll even ship it for free. Just say you want it and it’s yours!

(Okay, within reason. I’m not going to pay $200 to ship this to Outer Mongolia. ;) )


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Honestly, I could probably use that, but I'm quite a ways away, shipping probably wouldn't be cheap.

Does it uninstall easily so I can still use my rear cargo cover without uninstalling the whole thing?

I've been dreading putting my dogs in the car and letting them ruin my leather!

Feel free to PM