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Phone menu on MFI disappeared...HELP !!


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I've had my RNS315 in my 2010 GTI for a few years and everything was working fine. When I installed the RNS315 I disconnected the bluetooth module under the passenger seat. Just two days ago I lost the phone control on the MFI. I tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting after about a half hour but the RNS315 didn't seem to reset because it didn't ask for the radio code. Most of what I've read is to disconnect the bluetooth module but since I no longer have that connected I'm wondering if I should disconnect the RNS315. Has any one had this happen and find a good fix ? The only thing I've done recently is hook up my OBD Eleven but I didn't make any changes, only read my ECU fault cods. Thanks.

Just to add, all the phone functions on the RNS315 work as always. Clicking the phone button twice on the steering wheel called the last number dialed but never anything on the MFI

More info: Yesterday when a call came through the MFI displayed “PHONE” with the name of the caller beneath it. I pressed the phone button on the left side of the wheel and the call connected. Pressing the button again disconnected the call so it appears not all communication is not lost between the RNS315 and the MFI but its not like it used to be.

I figured it out. It was in the long coding and I have no idea how it happened. The “Phone” - “installed” was unchecked. I checked the box and all back to normal.
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