Picked on for having a GTI?


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you can also wait til you leave work grounds after clocking out and drop kick them in the chest. should do the job. :lol:


I would tell your coworkers to eat a dick, Camrys and Accords are lame. Drive your awesome, semi-affordable car with pride and enjoy it!

and this^

A swift kick to the balls/cooter should solve this problem real quick-like.


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F them.....they're jelly!!


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My supervisor was giving me shit for my GTI.. calling it a "girly car"... Funny fact though... his wife just bought a Camaro and is making him drive the family car... needless to say, I dish it right back :D :thumbsup:


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I'd set their cars on fire. problem solved.


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This just sound so ridiculous; you're saying that people in your office have a go at you because they believe that their Honda's and Toyota's are better than your VW GTI?! :iono:

In most other work places the youngest member of staff with the nicest car would be admired...


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People will always hate, just accept it. Usually they hate out of jealousy.

I always get teased for driving a Miata. Its a price I have to pay for driving the best selling roadster of all time that gets all the girls wet, especially when I go topless.

The GTI and MX-5 both have their place in history...two completely different animals.


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I work with bazillionaire oil execs for a multi-industry consulting are some comments i got:

"Nice tonka truck"
"Cute minivan"
"How fast you get that asian persuation up to?" (Wtf...)
Comments about it being a boy racer too.. once again, wtf.

I did laugh pretty hard about the minivan crack though.

On the other hand one of our presidents got in my car and could not stop complimenting how nice the car is, how well it rode, etc. This guy has a zr1, drove multiple ferarris and lambos, etc. Loves speed so go figure he is the only one that appreciates my car.. which says a lot considering the cars he is used to.

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People these days are jags. No morals and they feel intitled to everything they haven't worked for. I catch flack all the time but I honestly don't give a rip. You only live once so screw them. Go lay a patch of rubber in front of their driveway. You worked hard for that car so enjoy it and be proud of it.