Project Scarlett - MK6 Shizz build thread

MK6 Shizz

Ready to race!

This is long overdue. I purchased my '13 Autobahn GTI on Feb 2nd, 2013. This was my first brand new car purchase ever. I took her to Fastivus 4 months after I purchased her. I got my first performance mod there, APR Stage 1 tune. After that, I decided to just go all in and be a car guy. I have since spent a ton of money/time/effort on modding my vehicle.

Special shout outs to the Last Sunday crew who have helped me tremendously. They provided me with plenty of inspiration, ideas, great advice and even helped me with some installs. I don't have any prior car experience other than changing a tire, so this has been a great journey/learning experience for me. I'm still no expert by any means.

Special thanks to Krz_hayn for the coilovers install and just being awesome all around. Thanks to Why Rico (not sure if that's his forum name) for the coilover kit/strut mounts and great deal you gave me. Thanks to Rolo402 for all the help and my legendary downpipe install. Thanks to Matttt for helping me with the boost gauge/tap install. Thanks to Mario for help with both puddle LED installs and the Euro switch. Thanks to Boostnonu for all the assistance, especially with brakes and FMIC install. :D I've also received a lot of help from Vic @ Eurowerx and Dave @ Eurocode. Thanks to Sean from Empire Fabrication and Oscar @ Cool Customs. Robeeerob from RobzAuto has also helped me with plenty of installs/tweaks. One final shoutout to Nick @ Galpin VW for helping me with warranty issues when the dealer I purchased from would not.

Finally, onto the fun stuff. All of my parts were purchased new except for the ones that say used.



APR Stage 2 ECU Tune (Updated to v2.1 on 4/9/16)
Neuspeed P-Flo Intake
Neuspeed Power Pulley
Neuspeed Turbo Discharge Pipe
Neuspeed High Flo Charge Pipe (Used)
Neuspeed FMIC
Neuspeed billet aluminum DSG filter housing
Podi Boost Tap (Removed, because the Spulen Catch Can forced me to use theirs)
GoFastBits DV+
APR Downpipe (Removed and sold)
Billy Boat TBE (Resonated + high flo cat)
OEM R8 Coilpacks
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Spulen Catch Can


Neuspeed 25mm Rear Sway Bar (Currently set to soft)
Neuspeed 25mm Front Sway Bar (Currently set to soft)
Michelin Pilot Super Sports (235/40/18) (Removed and SOLD)
Continental DW (225/45/17) (Used and Removed)
Michelin Pilot Super Sports (245/40/17) (Current)
Bilstein PSS-10 Coilover Kit (Used for 5k~ mi)
034 High Density Strut Mounts (Used for 5k~ mi)
034 Billet Aluminum Engine/Trans mounts (65 durometer)
BSH Pendulum Mount (Used)
Neuspeed Torque Mount Insert (Removed)
HPA Red Puck (75a durometer)
Neuspeed Steel Braided Brake Lines
Neuspeed Endlinks (Used)
Eurosport XB Brace
Hawks HPS Blues Front/Rear Brake Pads
Black Unibrace UB (Used)


Tint - 5% Rears 35% Fronts
3M Clear Bra (front side only, not entire car) (Mostly removed - Only on headlights, fogs and sideview mirror caps)
Depo OPD Dark Cherry LED tails
OEM Euro Headlight Switch
Soundaktor Delete
VAGCOM tweaks
Urotuning Glass Rear Wiper Delete
Lower Golf Grill
GTI Seat Inserts
Blue tinted aspherical mirrors
CG lock for seatbelt
Kenu Airframe phone mount (Removed)
Spigen magnetic phone mount
Hoen Xenon match foglight bulbs (Used)
Klii CSG Vinyl Backing for Rear Emblem
DeAutoKey LED Puddle Lights
DeAutoKey Reverse LEDs
DeAutoKey LED Sideview Mirror Puddle Lights
DeAutoKey LED Rear Turn Signals
DeAutoKey Carbon Fiber DSG paddle shifter extensions (Used/Removed)
Black Aluminum DSG paddle extensions
DeAutoKey Interior LED's with Red Footwells
Hood notch filled by Sean @ Empire Fabrication
Hood resprayed and Shaved front bumper by Oscar @ Cool Customs
Badgeless Grill with chrome stripes (Removed)
Badgeless Golf Grill
Pulled fenders
Fender screw mod
AWE Boost Gauge with vent pod (Used)
VW black valve stem caps
VMR Hyper Silver v710's (18x8.5 et45) (Removed and SOLD)
Neuspeed Gunmetal RSE05's (17x8 et45) (17.8 lbs each) (Used)
Neuspeed CF front splitter (Broken RIP)
Neuspeed CF Rear spoiler
OEM rep lip + Kersher lip combo (Used from Robeeerob + Newcarsmell)
OSIR Carbon Fiber Rear Valence
OSIR Carbon Fiber Side Skirts (Used)(Removed)
Ed's Golf R Replica Side Skirts painted CSG
Godspeed Red Tow Hook painted more red
Modshack Low Profile Engine Trim
Engine cover delete
Hood liner delete
Rear seat delete


Big Brake Kit
K04 or FrankenTurbo
Audi AWD (Next car in a couple years)
Porsche 911 Turbo (Car I want to die with, almost any porsche will do)

Forgive me for potato quality. I'm not a photographer by any means. Also, a lot of these photos were taken with my broken camera on my cellphone, except for my photoshoot.

Current look

Updated Photoshoot for 2017 at Angeles Crest Highway

Photoshoot done on a Canon 5D MKII - My amateur photographer requested to stay anonymous.

I miss my Neuspeed Lip

Spulen Catch Can

OSIR Pieces

Some ACH shots

More ACH shots

Modshack Low Profile Trim

DeAutoKey Puddle LEDs

DeAutoKey DSG Paddle Shifter Extensions

Billy Boat TBE

Podi Boost Tap

AWE Vent Pod Boost Gauge

R8 Coilpacks + NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Neuspeed P-Flo Intake

DeAutoKey Sideview Mirror Puddle LEDs

No Sidemarker (I got a new bumper after an accident and asked them to shave it. That is also when I started going no front plate.)

Here's an old shot with sidemarkers

Ever since I started looking at mods, I wanted these wheels! (Sadly, I no longer have them)

Before coilovers. Look at that wheel gap!

CG Lock

Black VW Valve Stem Caps

MK6 Shizz + MK6 Dan + Krz_hayn

Last Sunday Crew!

Los Olivos pics with MK6 Dan

Now, one of the main reasons I dyno'ed was to not only know the power of my vehicle, but also to prove to others that the numbers that APR claims with a tune are not quite accurate. Everyone's car is different. This is from APR's website...

"The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade gives you higher peak numbers of 255 HP/289 FT-LBS of torque on 93 (R+M)/2 octane without any hardware modifications and up to 269 HP/295 FT-LBS of torque simply by adding the APR Intake System. APR's Stage II ECU Upgrade takes advantage of the free flowing APR Exhaust System and provides additional torque an power at no charge to existing APR Stage I customers. Expect higher peak numbers of 273 HP/300 FT-LBS of torque with as much as 71 HP and 87 FT-LBS of torque through the power band!"

*Granted, I don't have the FMIC yet and I was running 91 octane.

*Side note, looks like I found a spelling error on their website.

I got around what I expected - 241 HP / 276 lbs of torque

Update - 7/16/16


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Looks good daniel, didn't even know that you had a build page. Its great to see your car from fastivus to now. You were the one to convince me to get stage 1 haha! Hopefully we can win something from the raffle this time around.

MK6 Shizz

Ready to race!
Looks good daniel, didn't even know that you had a build page. Its great to see your car from fastivus to now. You were the one to convince me to get stage 1 haha! Hopefully we can win something from the raffle this time around.

I made the page pretty recently. I was too busy modding to make it lol. Anyways, I'm glad I was able to convince you to go Stage 1. Now it's time to go stage 2+! :thumbup:

MK6 Shizz

Ready to race!

More pics coming soon and yes my car was on stands in the wheel pic. Grill is going to be changed.


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Your car looks better with the neuspeeds. I think you should just keep those on lol Also man i need that notch shaved after looking at yours! let me know when i can test fit that grill on my car